Legacies of Loss

How early loss may impact on adult experience and couple relationships

What happens when a child experiences the death of a significant other; when death becomes part of the early experience of the world? What is the effect on the child’s relationship with the idea of losing a close relative or friend; the impact on underlying beliefs – a switch from “I can expect important people to stick around” to “anyone can die at any time"? What happens when anxiety and vigilance become part of the child’s relationship with the world?

In this one-day course we will look at childhood and adult anxiety, and how this anxiety, based in loss, may impact on adult relationships; the nature of grieving and the response to bereavement; and how a couple may respond to these experiences.

We will meet in a small and informal group – maximum 10 – between 10am and 4pm.  Light refreshments will be provided.  The workshop represents 6 hours cpd and certificates will be provided. 

Date: Saturday 18th  July  2020.  Cost: £85  Venue: South East London (Beckenham)