Some things are so hard to talk about in the counselling room that they remain unspoken, sometimes for the duration of a whole therapy.  Why?  What makes us collude with the client in avoiding certain topics?  It might be hardest around an experience not shared by the two people in the room, or around painful similarities in experience.

·         One of us is childless

·         One of us is obese

·         One of us is physically scarred or disfigured

·         One of us is sexually aroused by the other

·         One of us thinks therapy might not work, and it isn’t the client

This one-day workshop will  explore, in a small and confidential group, the personal and clinical issues we would rather not talk about, and why, using theoretical perspectives as well as personal experience. There will be opportunities for participants to bring their own clinical work, with a view to developing ways in which we can all be braver about reforming the elephant in the room into a focus for change and growth. 

We will start to create safe and respectful ways in which the unspeakable can begin to be spoken.

Venue: Beckenham, Kent. Cost: £85 to include light refreshments.

Date:  Saturday 28th March 2020

For further information please contact me